Learn about an infertility journey millions are facing

Through original stories about fertility and pregnancy, the Reconceive app provides an interactive connection to the emotions experienced on the fertility journey.

Players can choose various options for the main character such as how much money they have or how old they are.  In one of the first chapters, players can choose a partner for the journey and imagine a child. Once they decide to have a child, they can go to a fertility clinic, or try IVF among other options. 

4 men who are possible partners to choose from

Short narrative stories are intertwined with the 3D interactive chapters. And finally, a celebration of the hard work, whether or not a child is the result. This game can ease the anxieties of those going through this journey by demonstrating they are not alone. 

I’d like to … talk about my experience. Generally, it is not something we share much.

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Interactive Storytelling

Play an interactive, augmented reality game that displays the highs and lows of a fertility journey.

Narrative stories

6 chapters featuring narrative 2D stories are intertwined within the game.

Purchase chapters

Purchase chapter by chapter or buy a bulk package for a discount.

Determine the main characters journey

Determine how old the character is, how much money they have; factors which influence this journey.


Use a screen reader or audio reader to hear the stories.


The content is inspired by the memoir How to Get a Girl Pregnant by author Karleen Pendleton Jimenez. The story shares the ups and downs of her 7-year journey trying many different ways to get pregnant.